Eagles’ wings may be clipped for the season

After dominating the Washington Redskins for thirteen (13) years, the Philadelphia Eagles have seen better days. Sunday’s 31-6 loss was a reality check that reminded Eagles Fans that the end may be inevitably close for the 3-7 team this season if a drastic change does not occur soon. Rookie Quarterback, Nick Foles was expected to […]

November 2012 by Niyi

Eagles Squeak Out Win In Week 4

The Philadelphia Eagles have looked increasingly unstable over the past few years.  With the addition of quarterback Michael Vick and plenty of others they have been filled with controversy.  They barely managed a win this past Sunday night and look to be a huge threat to themselves going forward. Starting with Vick, he had a […]

October 2012 by FT-Blogger

Week 4: Eagles vs. Giants

This game should be no different than any other Eagles vs. Giants game, a good game that goes down to the wire with a lot of hard hits and fights. Both teams are 2-1, but with the way the Eagles have been talked about all week, they might as well be 0-3, however, they aren’t […]

September 2012 by Craig

Controversy Flying Around Vick, Eagles

The Philadelphia Eagles are a 2-1 team, but they have been outscored by 16 points this year and have already turned the ball over a dozen times. That’s not the route to victory for the most part, and Head Coach Andy Reid cast a shadow of doubt over his starting quarterback, Michael Vick. This week’s […]

September 2012 by FT-Blogger

Philadelphia Eagles Get Test with Giants Following First Loss of the Season

After escaping with a pair of one-point wins against seemingly inferior teams to start the season, things finally caught up to the Philadelphia Eagles in Week Four of the NFL season. The Eagles were throttled Sunday by the Arizona Cardinals, 27-6, in a third straight game where turnovers and the inability to protect quarterback Michael […]

September 2012 by FT-Blogger

Eagles Look Strong Heading Into Game Against Cardinals

People counted out the Philadelphia Eagles even after they won in week 1 against the Cleveland Browns.  Many felt the win was not decisive enough against a team many deem bad and inexperienced.  Vick threw multiple interceptions and they could not get the ball rolling.  This, while somewhat the case in week 2, was not […]

September 2012 by FT-Blogger

Jason Kelce Placed on IR with Torn ACL

Jason Kelce, the Eagles starting Center will join Jason Peters as the second member of the Eagles offensive line to be placed on the season ending Injured Reserve. Jason Kelce left the game against the Ravens with what appeared to be a serious knee injury, and unfortunately, that’s exactly what it was. Kelce tore his […]

September 2012 by Craig

Top five Defense against the Eagles. Really?

Besides the unnecessary fights, the Eagles start off pretty well against the Ravens. L.McCoy ability to change direction and a TD in the 1st quarter set the pace for the game. With all the turn-overs, fumbles, in-completes, and interceptions, the Eagles still had a chance in the game. The hitting and R.Rice occurred with the […]

September 2012 by Gino

We’ve got to go harder!

With four interception thrown last week to win over the browns. We’ve got to go harder against the Ravens. Can we go 2-0 with all this ugly fights? The officials have to get this game under control ASAP. It ain’t over until it is over!

September 2012 by Gino