Eagles Dream Season Kicksoff

The Philadelphia Eagles had a very strong offseason.  There is a lot of hype surrounding this team similar to what we saw last NBA season down in Miami with the Heat.  Everyone knows how that ended.  If the Eagles wanted to quite some doubters out there and show that they can go all the way unlike the Heat, they had to get off to a good start in St. Louis vs. the Rams.    

In the first minute of the game Steven Jackson scored a quick touchdown for the Rams, but Jackson would only come in for one more carry after that.  He injured his right leg and missed the rest of the game.  This was a huge loss for the Rams.  Soon after this Michael Vick took the game over.

Vick led the Eagles along with DeSeann Jackson and LeSean McCoy to victory.  Vick did take some hard hits but was very impressive and really controlled the offense.  Of the eagles 8 third down conversions 7 of them were thanks to Vicks brilliance, speed, and poise.  It’s just the first game of the season but If Vick continues to play at the MVP level he did yesterday and last season, maybe the Eagles could be the NFL’s “Dream Team”.  Maybe.

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