Vick Falls In Return to ATL

Michael Vick made his big much anticipated return to Atlanta Sunday night to face his former team.  This was not the first time he had been back to Atlanta but it was the first time for him as a starter.  When he came out to the field for pre game warm-ups most of the crowd booed him.  Still many of the fans in attendance had Vicks number 7 Falcon jerseys on.  When Vick stepped on the field for the first series of the game he was once again mostly booed with some cheers scattered in.  No matter how the fans reacted towards him they were all there to see him and to see the Falcons win.  The Falcons are one of the best home teams in the NFL and their fans were rocking for this one. 

The fans that came to see Vick though did not get to see him finish the game.  Vick left late in the third quarter.  He walked slowly off the field spitting out blood.  Later Andy Reid told reporters he had suffered a concussion.  As of now the Eagles are saying Vick hopes to return for next week’s game vs. division rivals the New York Giants. 

Matt Ryan was the best QB in this game throwing a career high 4 TD passes.  He led the Falcons to victory over the Eagles.  The Eagles will need Vick back if they want to keep their Dream season going.

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