The End is Near

It’s hard to believe a team with such high hopes going into this season would have fallen so low.  The Eagles could have and should have won this game.  But they did not.  Now their talks of a Dream season are likely over. 

The Eagles can’t seem to find a way to win at home if their life depended on it.  Larry Fitzgerald had a huge game and probably his best of the season.  He scored 2 TDs for the Cardinals.  Vick was only fair.  The Eagles couldn’t take advantage of playing the Cards without their Starting QB.  But they were also without one of their star key players.  DeSean Jackson was benched for not showing up to a team meeting.  Maybe the Eagles are re thinking that.  It was a must win game for them, you think they would have let him off the hook this time. 

To make things worse Vick got hurt in this one and it’s not known yet for sure when he could return.

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