Eagles are still Alive

The Eagles are still alive.  McCoy and Vick led the Eagles to a win at home vs. the NY Jets.  The jets were on a 3 game winning streak but that was stopped thanks to a dominant performance all around from the Eagles.  The Eagles got off to a quick start and never really looked back. 

After getting a big lead early the Jets did show a little rally but they never really got fully into this one.  Holmes had a TD for the Jets but didn’t really have a great game.  It was just a flat performance from the Jets who now are going to have a lot of pressure to win the last 2 games.  Ironically enough the Eagles will actually be rooting for the Jets next week. 

The Jets will play the Giants on Christmas Eve.  The Eagles need help. They need the Giants and Cowboys to lose.  But this win keeps them in the hunt.  We can start talking more specific scenarios next week if everything falls into place and the Eagles are still alive going into the Finale.

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