Eagles Looking at Griffin?

With Michael Vick locked up to a rather large contract that isn’t easy for the Eagles to get out of, and with the Eagles still confident in his ability to be their star QB, it is surprising that the Eagles met with Robert Griffin III the other day. With a huge need at linebacker and Vontaze Burfict looking like an ideal fit for the Eagles when they are on the board with the 15th pick, the fact that they even had the desire to meet with Griffin is somewhat puzzling.

Perhaps the Eagles just don’t want to leave any stone unturned, or perhaps something big is going on behind the scenes and Vick may be on his way out after struggling to make it through a season two years in a row, or perhaps they Eagles were just spying on Griffin because they think the Redskins may get him. Whatever motivated the Eagles to talk with Griffin, it has to make you ask the question, what was the Eagles interest in Robert Griffin III?

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