Nick Foles Steps up Game against Cleveland Browns


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With Michael Vick out nursing a rib injury, Rookie QB Nick Foles stepped up against the Browns and threw two first quarter touch down passes that helped the Eagles beat the Cleveland Browns. Although the Eagles are now 3-0 in preseason, there is still cause for worry as the starting team is yet to be finalized and they are yet to see their injury prone starting quarterback, Mike Vick perform to this full potential.

The Eagles came into the game with an early lead even though Nick Fole threw an intercepted pass early on in the game, but the defense line was able to prevent the Browns from making anything of the interception. Even with this win, the Eagles are still unpredictable as they were last year. They have the talent and ability to be a winning team that could possibly make it to all the way to the super bowl, but with Mike Vick still not at a hundred percent, it is uncertain how the team will perform when the season starts.

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