Welcome to the Hot Seat, Andy Reid


Photo by: Tom Berg/Icon SMI

Before the Eagles final preseason game against the Jets this past Thursday, the Philadelphia Eagles owner couldn’t be more clear regarding his position on Andy Reid, he needs to see improvement. In the past decade, the Eagles have made the playoffs more times than any other NFC East team, and have clearly been the best team in that division during those year, however, the Eagles have nothing to show for their decade of dominance, and the Giants have two Super Bowls. If I owned the Eagles, this is something that would bother me too! For Jeffrey Lurie, the owner of the Philadelphia Eagles, he told ESPN “We need substantial improvement. We have a very good team on paper, and paper doesn’t get you that far if you don’t maximize it.”

Additionally, Jeffrey Lurie said that Reid, who has a contract that goes through the 2013 season, will not be up for an extension until after this season. It is obvious that Jeffrey Lurie wants to see the Eagles as one of the NFL’s dominant teams again, and if Reid can’t get them there, then the Eagles may be led by another coach next season.

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