Eagles vs. Browns Analysis & Game Preview

So the Cleveland Browns are the hosts for their Week 1 matchup with the Philadelphia Eagles, but it’s the visitors that are heavily favored. There’s quite a few reasons for this though so don’t be too alarmed.

The main reason the lines are so lopsided is pretty obvious: the Eagles have far more talent on their roster than do the Browns.

It starts at quarterback with Michael Vick, who when healthy is one of the most dominant players around. He has no shortage of legitimate weapons. DeSean Jackson, Jeremy Maclin, Jason Avant, Brent Celek and LeSean McCoy are all big parts of the offense.

Vick has already stated this this season will be the beginning of a dynasty. With that kind of offensive talent, it’s certainly within reason.

It’s going to be about staying healthy now, something the entire organization has had a hard time doing. Vick’s been fitted with a Kevlar vest to protect his ribs, but he doesn’t have that kind of protection everywhere. Is it only a matter of time before he breaks a leg or suffers a concussion?

One thing we know is the way Vick plays doesn’t play to his favor whatsoever. Not afraid to take contact, Philadelphia fans are praying he starts being more careful, starting here and now in Week 1.

The NFL odds see the Eagles favored by as many as nine points on the road but as you can tell this seems to be the right number. Cleveland still has a long ways to go and Philadelphia has the explosiveness on offense to win by a large margin.

Brandon Weeden has won the starting QB job for the Browns and has guys like Trent Richardson and Greg Little to put his faith in, but the Eagles have an immensely talented secondary.

What that means is we should see Philadelphia rolling to a pretty easy win this weekend.

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