Eagles Have Little Chance Of Covering Against Baltimore

The Philadelphia Eagles are nothing if not inconsistent.  They boast one of the best line-ups in the league but cannot seem to pull it together to get enough wins to get them to the playoffs.  They barely squeaked out a victory against the always disappointing Cleveland Browns this past Sunday and do not look to be in good shape going into their game against one of the leagues best defenses in the Baltimore Ravens.

Add to that the fact that the Eagles somehow have the NFL odds on their side with a -2.5 spread and you can bet they are not a good pick going into the September 16th games.  One of the biggest concerns for them going into said game is the fact that quarterback Michael Vick threw three interceptions against the terrible Browns D.  The Ray Lewis led Ravens D will not pull any punches against them and will certainly put way more pressure on Vick than the Browns.

The Eagles’ only real hope is that their own defense stays as strong as they were against the Browns.  While Joe Flacco is consistent at the quarterback position, he is by no means elite and could fall to the pressure of a well oiled Eagles defense.  While they do not have much hope that they will cover the ridiculous spread put out on the game, they can pray that they possibly steal a victory from a much more well polished Ravens team.

The NFL odds this week for the Eagles are not good and it would be very wise to go for the Ravens on the betting sheets.  The Eagles just do not have the leadership they need to be an feared team quite yet.  It may come in time, but as of right now, they have little chance of defeating the Ravens this week.

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