Do the Eagles have what it takes to beat the Ravens?

Forget the fact that the Eagles will not cover the -2.5 they need against a well-oiled Ravens team, they won’t even win.  They looked sluggish and sloppy against a Cleveland Browns team that looks like it should be in college ball, not the pros.  While LeSean McCoy and their defense looked solid in the game, the rest of the team was a mess, especially Michael Vick.  They have little to no shot of beating the Ravens this Sunday, even if it is in Philadelphia.

One of the only saving graces for the Eagles last week was the fact that McCoy and their defense held strong against the Browns.  This seems like a compliment, but it really isn’t.  Cleveland looks terrible this year, and the fact that a team of the Eagles caliber, with the weapons they possess, could barely win says a lot.  McCoy ran for 110 yards on twenty carries.  He should have ran for twice that against a defense as terrible as the Browns.  Same goes for the Eagles defense.  They shouldn’t have allowed a point in that match up.  They will certainly have their hands full this week against one of the top five Ds in the league.

Moving on, words cannot describe how terrible Michael Vick looked this week.  Four interceptions were throwing by him to the Browns defense.  While he managed 317 yards and two touchdowns, the four interceptions against such a defense speak volumes.  He really does not stand much of a chance against a Ravens defense that forced multiple turnovers against a much better Bengals team last week.

When it comes to the NFL odds for the Eagles this week.  Even if they are able to find a way to win, they will still have to beat Baltimore by at least three to cover their spread.  Can they do this against the Ravens?

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