Top five Defense against the Eagles. Really?


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Besides the unnecessary fights, the Eagles start off pretty well against the Ravens. L.McCoy ability to change direction and a TD in the 1st quarter set the pace for the game. With all the turn-overs, fumbles, in-completes, and interceptions, the Eagles still had a chance in the game.

The hitting and R.Rice occurred with the Ravens leading 14-7 in the 2nd Quarter. The fans looked disappointed, however, with commitment and support, the Eagles kept pressing forward. With some coaching and encouragement from A.Reid at Half-time in the locker room, the Eagles came out strong in the 3rd quarter with an interception and a penalty against R.Rice. M.Vick enjoyed good protection from his team rolling-out and sucking up the Ravens defense for a TD by D.Jackson making the score 17-14.

4th Quarter, can someone please stay on R.Rice’s tail? M.Vick passes to B.Celek for a 1st down, another pass and M.Vick got hit below the waist with a penalty against the Ravens A.Jones. With 2 minutes left in the game, Vick took another hit from Ravens H.Ngata. 1 yard TOUCHDOWN!!! M.Vick and A.Henery extra point is GOOD! with the Eagles leading 23-24.  Once again, M.Vick produces at the end. It’s not over yet there’s still much time left on the clock.The Eagles were able to take advantage of multiple in-completes from J.Flacco for a win over AFC North the Ravens. The Eagles has done it again. 2-0 baby!!!

M.Vick, L.McCoy, B.Celek, and D.Jackson brought out their true talents this week. To be able to win over the top five defense in the league speaks volumes. Can someone say Super-bowl? Well, not quite yet as they have a long way to go. The Eagles were terrific and they will continue to be as the season progresses. When it comes to the Eagles, EXPECT GREAT MIRACLES!

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