Eagles Look Strong Heading Into Game Against Cardinals

People counted out the Philadelphia Eagles even after they won in week 1 against the Cleveland Browns.  Many felt the win was not decisive enough against a team many deem bad and inexperienced.  Vick threw multiple interceptions and they could not get the ball rolling.  This, while somewhat the case in week 2, was not enough to stop Philadelphia from beating a strong Baltimore Ravens team.  Keeping Michael Vick healthy and cutting down on turnovers will be the key to the Eagles covering the NFL odds of -4 on Sunday against the Arizona Cardinals.

One of the main problems the Eagles have had early this year has been protection of Michael Vick.  Vick, who does like to scramble and gain yardage, has not had the proper support from his offensive line he needs to make passes.  He ended up on his back multiple times last Sunday and could see that happening again this Sunday if his line does not make adjustments.  This is dangerous territory for the Eagles, as Vick is quite injury prone and one hit from the Arizona defense could put him out of the game.

The offensive line needs to get things together as well so the Eagles do not continue to turn the ball over so frequently.  Vick has thrown six interceptions already this season, mostly because he does not have enough time to get the ball out effectively.  The Cardinals Defense, while by no means the best in the league, will be able to put pressure on Vick that could lead to some game changing turn overs.

If the Eagles wish to keep their good luck flowing this Sunday, they will need to tighten up their injured offensive line so that Michael Vick can make plays that do not result in him injured or a turnover.  If they can accomplish this, then they will win the battle of the birds for their second consecutive week.

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