Week 4: Eagles vs. Giants

This game should be no different than any other Eagles vs. Giants game, a good game that goes down to the wire with a lot of hard hits and fights. Both teams are 2-1, but with the way the Eagles have been talked about all week, they might as well be 0-3, however, they aren’t and if they cut down on the turnovers and win tonight against the Giants, the 12 turnovers in the past three games will be all but forgotten. However, both teams enter this game with some injuries to key players.

Eagles Inactive Players: Cooper, Lewis, Anderson, Jordan, Dunlap, Menkin, and Curry
Giants Inactive Players: Hosley, Rivers, Diehl, Ojomo, Robinson, Nicks, and Petrus


Photo by: FansTurn.com

The Giants will be without their star receiver, Hakeem Nicks, cornerback, Jayron Hosley, and key reserve linebacker, Keith Rivers. They are missing some key players and the Eagles need to exploit those weaknesses. The Eagles will be without King Dunlap, he has been the Eagles starting left tackle in place of Jason Peters, and with the Giants fierce defensive ends, this will be something to watch for. The Eagles will need to keep Cruz out of game, and slow down the Giants pass rush in order for them to have their best chance to improve to 3-1.

Game Details:
Date: 9/30/2012
Time: 8:20pm EST
Stadium: Lincoln Financial Field
TV Broadcast: NBC

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