Eagles Squeak Out Win In Week 4

The Philadelphia Eagles have looked increasingly unstable over the past few years.  With the addition of quarterback Michael Vick and plenty of others they have been filled with controversy.  They barely managed a win this past Sunday night and look to be a huge threat to themselves going forward.

Starting with Vick, he had a decent game on Sunday.  He threw for 241 yards and a touchdown on the night and, most importantly, did not have a turnover during the game.  This is huge, as he had four in the first game of the season, three in the second and two in the third.  NEedless to say, he has had problems keeping the ball in the hands of his players rather than the opposing defense.  When he can get little to no turnovers on the day, the Eagles have a real shot of winning their division and moving on to home field advantage in the playoffs this year.  If not, they will be looking at another year at home.

Of course, they will need their defense to play up to snuff going forward if they want to stay in the mix for the playoffs too.  They did not look bad against the New York Giants on Sunday night, but they certainly did not look like a group that should be feared.  They allowed 17 points from Eli Manning and company and only got one turnover throughout the game.  They simply need to be better if they want to move forward on the season.  More turnovers and less points allowed are the key to the Eagles survival this year.

Philadelphia has a tough game this coming week as they take on the Pittsburg Steelers. The Steelers are at a +3.5 points spread, so they are good as one of your NFL picks on the week, but they will need to dig down deep if they want to in this Sunday.

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