Eagles’ wings may be clipped for the season


Photo by: Tom Berg/Icon SMI

After dominating the Washington Redskins for thirteen (13) years, the Philadelphia Eagles have seen better days. Sunday’s 31-6 loss was a reality check that reminded Eagles Fans that the end may be inevitably close for the 3-7 team this season if a drastic change does not occur soon. Rookie Quarterback, Nick Foles was expected to come into Sunday’s game throwing against the NFL’s 30th ranked pass defense but was a big disappointment. He completed 21 of 46 for 204 yards and was intercepted twice. Although, the team’s poor performance so far could be attributed to an injury plagued offensive line, their performance have not been stellar this season. A good example of the Eagles’ desperation was clear when Coach Andy Reid decided to start newly signed Jake Scott at right guard who spent most of the year being inactive and did not practice with the Eagles in the spring, or participated in their training camp. The Eagles also switched their starting combination for the fifth time this year to another disappointing end. Nothing seems to be working for this failing Team. With Michael Vick’s health still in question and LeSean McCoy’s concussion suffered in Sunday’s game, things are definitely not looking up for the Eagles with six straight losses and a growing injury list this season. It may be high time for management to go back to the drawing board and determine what needs to change. Nothing should be out of the question; a reevaluation of the team and their commitment should be assessed as well as a deep reflection on coaching options. Whatever the root cause of the Eagles’ problems may be, none of their tricks have worked thus far, hence the dire need for drastic change within the Eagles’ camp. Hopefully Philadelphia will soar again, but this season just may not be theirs’.

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