Future betting tips on the top NFL teams

This is the time of year when many Americans start making future bets on their top NFL teams, and with the increasing popularity of the sport in the UK, so too do many Brits. Future betting on top NFL teams is more complicated than betting on particular games, as you are betting on things that can change drastically through the season. Say that you bet on which team will score the most points, then unless you just want to choose one at random, then you will need to be very careful with regards to your choice. Just picking last year’s Superbowl winners is not a great tactic, as the odds are likely to be very short.

It is possible to make a good return on future betting. For instance, say that you want to net on which of the top NFL teams will win the most games in the regular season. A good approach is to look at teams that were in the middle or even lower rankings of most games won during the previous season. Study any changes that have been made to those teams that might lead to an improvement, for instance did they do any good player trades and pick up some great new players. If you can spot such an opportunity, then it is likely that you can find very long odds which mean that you can place a value bet.

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