Eagles Survive Horrific First Half To Win Home Opener

Nick Foles finished with 322 yards and a pair of touchdowns, but the Eagles quarterback also committed three turnovers in the first half

Nick Foles finished with 322 yards and a pair of touchdowns, but the Eagles quarterback also committed three turnovers in the first half. (USA Today Images)

After the success of last season there was a lot of hope placed on the shoulders of Chip Kelly, Nick Foles, and the entire Eagles team for this season.  When the schedule came out and Eagle fans found out they would be opening up the season at home against the Jacksonville Jaguars most people were ecstatic. When I saw the schedule for the first time I was happy it wasn’t a team like the Seattle Seahawks or Denver Broncos, but skeptical that it was going to be an easy win.  In the NFL any team can win any given Sunday, and Eagle fans were about to find this out for themselves.

The Eagles won the coin toss, and that was about the only win they had in the first half.  The Eagles were already down a starting offensive lineman in Lane Johnson who is suspended the first four games of the year, and would lose two more in the first half in All Pro guard Evan Mathis, and Lane Johnson’s replacement at right tackle Allen Barbre.  The Eagles were giving up sacks left and right in the first half, two of them resulting in fumbles by Nick Foles, and both of which would lead to Jaguar points.  The Eagles improved their secondary in the offseason adding veterans Malcolm Jenkins and Nolan Carroll and with the Jaguars top two receivers missing the game you weren’t expecting the Jaguars to score much.

Enter UDFA rookie WR Allen Hurns virtual nobody out of the University of Miami.  He had been lighting it up in the preseason and continued right into the regular season scoring touchdowns on his first two catches and eclipsing 100 yards in the first quarter. The Jaguars would hop out to a 17-0 lead would have been more if not for a missed field goal by Josh Scobee, and another Jaguar field goal blocked by newcomer Brandon Bair. Eagles fans were booing and the hope for the season on life support, but then came the second half.

The Eagles were a completely different team in the second half.  Fans were worried the Eagles were right back to playing like they were in the first half until a 4th and 1 play where Darren Sproles ran the ball up the middle for a score and the longest run of his career.  This sparked the Eagles offense, as they would go on to score 34 points in the second half and even showing some trust in newly acquired kicker Cody Parkey, allowing him to attempt a 51 yard field goal when the Eagles really needed some points.  The Eagles defense even got in on the scoring with a forced fumble returned for a touchdown by Fletcher Cox late in the game.

The Eagles were a completely different football team in the second half there is no limit to how far that team can go. This team can only go as far as Nick Foles takes them.  His performance was off in the first half tallying 3 total turnovers, but when he’s right, he’s right and it shows in the offense scoring 27 points on offense in the second half.  This was the first of many exciting Eagles games this season and hopefully they go a little further than last season.


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