What to Make of Eagles Consecutive Slow Starts

In the first two games of the season, the Eagles have been outscored in the first half 34-6 with four turnovers and displayed an overall sloppiness on both sides of the ball. In most cases if a team puts up these dismal first half performances they would more then likely be winless to start the season. But somehow the Eagles have in fact managed to find a way to boast these first half stats and still start the season undefeated and atop the NFC East. Some are going as far to say atop the NFC! How did the Eagles pull this off? That’s a good question.

Never underestimate the genius of Chip Kelly. There has never been an offensive mastermind in the NFL quite like Coach Kelly with his never before seen offensive formations and pure speed and tempo of his offense. Now Chip is demonstrating the incredibly valuable trait of being able to adjust on the fly, something Eagles fans have not seen in quite a while. Twice now Kelly has had to take his team in the locker room facing a large defecit and work his magic to put his team in better position to come out and win the game and he’s done just that. No team in NFL history has ever come back from such defecits two games in a row. Now I know this is not something Chip wants to make a habit of doing. At the end of the day, these kinds of mistakes always catch up to you. Ultimately this is something Kelly will fix and the Eagles won’t have this problem all the time moving forward. But it’s nice to know that no lead is safe in the NFL with Coach Kelly at the helm!

You can’t ignore the impact that Darren Sproles has made on this team in the first two regular season games. As a matter of fact, the Eagles would more than likely be 0-2 without him. In both games, the mighty mite has had a huge play that really sparks the entire team. And the numbers don’t lie, Sproles has more total yards than most of the top backs in the NFL with 263. That’s more than Adrian Peterson, Jamaal Charles, Matt Forte and even his teammate LeSean McCoy. There’s no doubt that Darren Sproles combination of speed and big play ability has helped the Eagles on their consecutive comeback efforts.

This Eagles defense led by DeMeco Ryans and newcomer Malcolm Jenkins is one that is a little underrated in the NFL. Late in the fourth quarter they forced Andrew Luck into a crucial three and out to set up the offense to win the game. Let’s go to the numbers again, shall we? The Eagles defense has let up a total of 647 total yards of offense so far this season. Compare that to the defending Super Bowl champion Seattle Seahawks 632 and that’s only 15 more yards the Eagles defense has let up. The Eagles are close to the Seahawks in other defensive stats as well.


Albeit it is only week 2 and the season is still very young, it is a pretty good sign that the Eagles defense is going toe to toe with the best defense in football from a year ago.

Up next the Philadelphia Eagles square off against the Washington Redskins Sunday September 21st at 1 PM. Let’s hope they can get out of the first half hoopla that they have brought to the table the first two games of the season.

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