Philadelphia Eagles Fly To Green Bay For Most Expensive Preseason Game

The Philadelphia Eagles are looking to rejoin the NFL postseason with an overhauled roster, led full steam ahead by Chip Kelly. The Eagles have replaced LeSean McCoy with DeMarco Murray, Nick Foles with Sam Bradford, and have moved on from some crucial defensive pieces that were staples of the team not that long ago.

It’ll be interesting to keep an eye on the Eagles, as the Philadelphia brass has almost overturned the entire roster since the departure of Andy Reid. Waiting until Week 1 may not be an option, so below is secondary market information for Philadelphia Eagles preseason games, provided by

8/16/2015 | Philadelphia Eagles vs. Indianapolis Colts | Lincoln Financial Field | Average Price: $80.38 | Get-in Price: $22

8/22/2015 | Philadelphia Eagles vs. Baltimore Ravens | Lincoln Financial Field | Average Price: $87.32 | Get-in Price: $25

8/29/2015 | Green Bay Packers vs. Philadelphia Eagles | Lambeau Field | Average Price: $140.80 | Get-in Price: $89

9/3/2015 | New York Jets vs. Philadelphia Eagles | MetLife Stadium | Average Price: $47 | Get-in Price: $3

The most affordable option in terms of average ticket prices is seeing the Eagles’ final tune-up against the New York Jets at MetLife Stadium. A football road trip is possible, and provides hotels near MetLife Stadium to put the finishing touches on the plans. The Jets have gone through a large roster overhaul of their own, as the Eagles and Jets may be playing their starters a little more than others so the new pieces can get used to each other.

The most intriguing trip would be watching the Eagles take on Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers at Lambeau Field. With a regular season game at Lambeau Field being way more expensive, a get-in price of less than $100 may be more palpable to see one of the most historic stadiums in football. Cheap tickets on Hipmunk can be bought with a few clicks, creating a preseason football vacation to see one of the best teams in the NFL. It’s also the third week of the preseason, which tends to have the starters playing the longest in comparison to the other three games, making it very worthwhile.

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